Freaked out by the Apple tracking updates?

prepare your ad account for iOS 14!

Don't let the new targeting limitations get you down! Learn how to keep running high-converting Facebook + Instagram ads:

  • What are the iOS 14 changes?
  • Why do they matter for online advertisers?
  • What happens if your account is *not* updated?
  • How do you prepare your account?
  • What should you do next?

what's the big deal about these iOS 14 tracking changes, anyway?

With the release of Apple's iOS 14, apps like Facebook and Instagram are now required to ask users for permission to collect + share their data.

That makes it easier for people to protect their digital privacy… and harder for advertisers to effectively target, attribute, and report on ads.

If you're like many small businesses, you've already noticed the effects in your Facebook Ads Manager. And you may not know exactly what's going on — or what to do about it.

Man on phone and computer
Man on phone and computer

great… so how EXACTLY are these updates going to affect my digital ads?

Here's why the iOS 14 updates matter for marketers + small businesses:

  • Many of your customers will opt out of data tracking.
  • Facebook + others won't be able to profile people as accurately.
  • You will start to see less relevant Lookalike Audiences, less personalized ads, and less effective reporting.

But there's hope! If you take immediate action, you can run your ads (almost) as successfully as before.

okay, so how should i prepare my facebook account for iOS 14?

Our free guide will walk you through the 3-step process . . .


verify your domain(s)


select your conversion events


choose your ad attribution

…and THEN what should i do?

Don't worry — we'll help you figure that out, too.

Grab Your Advertising Guide to Apple's iOS 14 Updates to learn everything you need to know to keep rocking your Facebook and Instagram ads this year!

Your Advertising Guide to Apple's iOS 14 Updates